EcoTea for Greenhouses, Nurseries, Home and Gardens

Product Description

EcoTea™ HDI - High Density Inoculum

Plant Beneficial Microbes For Soil & Foliage

EcoTea™ HDI is a three part mix & apply system.
Part A - EcoTea™ Liquid Inoculum (1000 L tote)
Part B- EcoTea™ Liquid Microbial Foods (2 - 20 L pails)
Part C - EcoTea™ Catalyst (20 L pail)
Depending on the type of application, we manufacture a Balanced and Foliar Catalyst.

Make sure to carefully read detailed instructions for mixing and applying the product

For further information on EcoTea™, please contact your local EcoTea™ Sales Manager.

Product Details

EcoTea for Greenhouses & Nurseries

EcoTea™ for Greenhouses & Nurseries

EcoTea™ is a biological soil amendment that helps to build and replenish the beneficial microbal community in soil and plant roots systems.

EcoTea for Turf

Itzke River Farm - Saint François Xavier, MB

"Biology has definitely been our missing link. Inoculating our transplants and cover crops with EcoTea™ has allowed us to increase crop uniformity, root mass and overall plant vitality. Growers and producers have become extremely disconnected from arguably the most important aspect of their soil and plant’s health – population and diversity of microorganisms. EcoTea™ is a consistent product that can help your plants attain homeostasis and their full genetic potential."- Lars Meilleure

Increase your soil health with our EcoTea 5 Gallon Single Application Pack. It's easy to use with our three part system.

1. Add Part A into your aerating de-chlorinated water.
2. Add B to your filter and let hang in the aerating, mixing water.
3. In 24 hrs just before applying, add part C and mix in your pail.

EcoTea™ 5 Gallon Product Information

EcoTea 5G Brewing Unit

EcoTea™ 5 Gallon Brewer - $225.00 + taxes/shipping

This unit is perfect for smaller gardeners who want to incorporate EcoTea™ into their program. This kit comes with: 1 Filter Bag, 1 - 5 Gallon Pail, 15A Alita Air Pump, Diffusion Tubing and 1 - 5 Gallon Application Pack.

5G Single Application Pack

EcoTea™ 5 Gallon EcoTea™ Application Pack - $27.99 + taxes/shipping

Need just 1 application? This single 5 Gallon EcoTea™ Application Pack consists of our 3 powerful key ingredients that are easy to use in your 5 gallon brewer. Available as a single application, buy multiple or as a case of 6 packs.

Eco-Tea 50G Bioreactor

EcoTea™ 50-75 Gallon Bioreactor

This unit is perfect for turf, horticulture and larger gardeners. Ingredient kits not included. Custom designed and built to make brewing and clean up a breeze.

Custom packaged Ingredient Kits

EcoTea™ Ingredient Kits for 50G or 250G

Agriculture, Turf, Horticulture and Tree Care. We have custom packaged ingredient kits for your growing needs. Apply within 48hrs after brewing. Tea must be constantly aerating.

EcoTea™ Sales Managers

- BC -
Jed McGeachie

P: 604-716-6082
Email Jed

- MB -
Neal Wagar

P: 204-218-2221
Email Neal

- ON -
Rachelle Floin

P: 1-519-616-5343
Email Rachelle

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Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. operates a diversified manufacturing company focused on creating sustainable crop inputs and organic waste management solutions. Utilizing the most advanced ecological techniques we have been able to engineer a variety of high-end microbial products. Our entire philosophy is based on returning resources back to the earth – from waste to resource is a fundamental philosophy in our business model.

Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a large satellite facility in Giroux, Manitoba. Currently we operate a large worm farm in Downtown Winnipeg and a large compost facility in Giroux, Manitoba.

OEE Inc. is committed to helping our clients understand and reduce the impacts of their activities on the environment and conform to government regulations. As such, we manufacture an array of products under the "Essential Organics™ and EcoTea™" umbrella and provide expert services including — consulting, custom soil blending, soils manufacturing, composting, product co-packaging and product distribution.



Parks Canada

“We have been using EcoTea™ since 2008 in our National Heritage Garden here in the National Park. It is like you stepped into the Jolly Green Giant’s garden. Plant do better because there is no disease and the soil is healthy” - Della Popwhich
Kroeker Farms is using Eco-Tea on their potatoes.

Whistler Golf Course

“EcoTea™ has been a great addition to our greens fertility and disease management program” - Stuart Carmichael

Schriemer’s Nursery

“Our plants are healthy and customers like that we use sustainable products” - Nikko

Golf / Sport Fields / Landscapes / Lawn
Hort / Urban Forestry / Orchards & Vineyards
EcoTea™ Ingredient Kits
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Contact our Winnipeg office for bulk ordering or becoming a distributor.
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