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January 10, 2023 - EcoTea™ Soil Health Discovery Project - Year 1 Report

EcoTea™ Soil Health Discovery Project - Year 1 Report

EcoTea™ Soil Health Discovery Project at Discovery Farm in Langham, SK.

Press Release - June 1, 2022


WEST ST. PAUL, MAN. - Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. in partnership with Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm Langham are proud to announce the EcoTea™ Soil Health Discovery Project. Situated in the heart of Western Canadian grain croplands, this project will trial and showcase how various agriculture inputs and practices affect soil health, crop yields and farm profits.

This multi-year soil health project incorporates diverse microbial seed, foliar and soil applications with bio-stimulants, cover crops, tillage practices, fertilizer and crop protection applications, and rotational practices on a 10-acre site at Discovery Farm Langham, Sask. EcoTea™, along with distributors and industry partners, will measure how these practices affect soil microbial activity, nutrient use efficiency, water holding capacity, disease pressure, residue breakdown and general crop health during all stages of crop growth. The project is intended to inform both farmers and industry players on the soil health and sustainability impacts of different farm practices on a year-over-year basis.

Overton Environmental CEO Dale Overton explained, "Our goal for pursuing this multi-year project is to put on display how various crop production practices affect soil health, and the leading role that microbial communities play in this. We hope this project will attract questions and scientific interest on the topic of soil health in agriculture.”

“Discovery Farm is delighted to have EcoTea™ join Discovery Farm Langham. Together we will work to identify and share sustainable farming practices with farmers across Western Canada,” said Carla Vipond, executive vice president, Glacier FarmMedia. “Through demonstration research, events and knowledge transfer initiatives, EcoTea™, along with all of our valued Discovery Farm partners, will help us facilitate learning that matters to Canadian farmers.”

For more information on this project please contact Ken Sabatier, Director of Operations at 431-337-3567 or email:

EcoTea & Discovery Farm Project - Mixing EcoTea in Langham SK

Neal Wagar, EcoTea™ Manitoba Technical Sales Rep mixing up EcoTea™ Liquid Seed Dressing in Langham SK. May 28th, 2022.

EcoTea & Discovery Farm Project - In-field application in Langham SK

EcoTea™ Liquid Seed Dressing, EcoTea™ HDI In-furrow with micronutrients staged for in-field application at the Discovery Farm research plots in Langham SK. May 28th, 2022.

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Clear Lake Golf Course has been using Eco-Tea since 2008.

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“Since starting EcoTea™ in our greens program in 2008, our greens have the thickest healthiest roots, the playing surface is incredible and we disease has disappeared for the most part” - Greg Holden
Whistler Golf Course has been adding Eco-Tea to their management programs.

Whistler Golf Course

“EcoTea™ has been a great addition to our greens fertility and disease management program” - Stuart Carmichael
Schriemers Nursery has been using Eco-Tea and love our sustainable products.

Schriemers Nursery

“Our plants are healthy and customers like that we use sustainable products” - Nikko

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Listen to Soil Ecology - Why it's important for growers of all types to consider soil ecology when planting
Listen to Soil Ecology - Why it's important for farmers & gardeners of all types to consider soil ecology when planting!

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Hort / Urban Forestry / Orchards & Vineyards
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